If your electrical bills are getting to be just too high for you, not to worry! Handyman Connection of Florida is here to provide you with a few tips on how to keep your costs low with some small home improvement tactics!

  • Ceiling fans can greatly reduce the use of the air conditioning in your home. While using less energy they will also keep your home cool and improve on your bill! It’s usually good to consult with a handyman electrician to make sure that the installation goes smoothly and the fan of your choice is compatible with your home.
  • Switch to either florescent or LED light bulbs in your home. While they are both pricier, they greatly reduce the use of energy as well as last much longer than your regular bulb. Florescent bulbs are the cheaper of the two and release much less hear than a regular bulb, allowing it to keep your home cooler in the warm months of the year. LED bulbs are the most efficient and can actually last around 100,000 hours!
  • The easiest thing to do is to remember to unplug electronics and appliances when not in use. Computers and power strips will continuously use up energy even if they are not on. Make sure to unplug that charger and turn off your power strips when not in use.
  • Replacing your old window panes can make a bigger difference in your bills than you might think. If your windows are not properly in place, around 30% of your air conditioning or heater’s energy can be lost through any kinds of gaps or cracks, creating the need for your home to use more energy to replace what is lost. Replacing panes and having a proper sealant can save you money in the end. When doing this, remember to consult with a professional handyman to make sure that this home improvement task is done correctly.
  • Installing occupancy sensors can also decrease your energy usage. These will sense when a person is in the room and turn the lights on and off depending on the occupancy. Installing these in your kitchen and porch can definitely make a difference on your bills since these are the lights that get left on most frequently.
  • Having a handyman install a thermostat that can be on a timer will also decrease your bills. It will automatically change the temperature so that while you are away from your home, it will not waste energy heating up in the winter and cooling down in the summer.

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