Mark Cooper
Mission-Sales Service

Mission Sales Home Services began as a division of Mission Sales Construction Company in August of 2002. The Mission Sales family started the service as a way to quickly take care of past customers that needed small repair and remodeling jobs done quickly and affordably.A separate service company fit the need much better than a design/build custom home builder.

The new service began to grow quickly with many customers delighted with the quick response to their calls and on-time arrival to the appointments at their homes. They were further pleased with the quick and accurate job quotes, and a scheduled start time for the job. When we finished off with a job well done and the comfort of a 2 year warranty, the word began to spread quickly that a new Home service was in town! That was only the beginning…

The new Home Depot in Marion contracted with Mission Sales Home Service to do all of their At Home installation service involving windows, doors, and cabinets. Many local businesses began calling and asking for our services. Today, we provide services to businesses that own rental properties, need quick repair services for their own office, provide warranty repairs for the customers of other businesses, provide installation services for the products of other businesses, and much more!We employ the most skilled trades people in the industry. Our Home Repair Specialist staff has many years of experience in every area of the building and home repair.Everyone of our service men have passed a thorough background check.

Quality craftsmanship and attention to detail go into each and every project. The jobs are started and completed in a timely manner. We work hard to deliver a top quality and cost efficient service to our clients.