Getting a fresh look in your home is not as difficult of a home maintenance project as you might think. A simple way to add elegance and a feeling of an updated home is through fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom. These home maintenance projects are very affordable and in many cases the newer versions are eco friendly and can help cut down on your water bill!

While installing new sink and shower fixtures can be a breeze, new toilets and tubs can be an excruciating task. For these types of home maintenance projects, we suggest calling a professional handyman.

  • Faucets – Your sink faucets in your kitchen and bathroom can really set the tone for your whole room’s décor. From contemporary to vintage there are many exciting styles to choose from. These home maintenance changes are the most affordable and you wont break your pocketbook. We at Handyman Connection of Florida suggest getting a touch sensor faucet for your kitchen sink to save water as well as cut down on germs in your home!
  • Showerheads – A new showerhead can really make a difference in your showering experience. Not only will the water come out in perfect streams, many are well equipped to cut down on the amount of water without hindering your water pressure. Most new showerheads also allow for a variety of spray patterns and detachable hand sprayer for convenience.
  • Tub and Shower – This is one of those home maintenance tasks that relies so heavily on details and complicated work. Calling a professional handyman to install your new tub or shower would be a wise decision. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t get to have fun picking it out! There are so many options in a variety of price ranges for new tubs or showers. Whether you want a basic plastic tub or stand up clear glass steam shower, the options are there just waiting for your picking.
  • Toilets – toilets now a days come in every shape and size you could possibly imagine. Some are round some are oval some are teardrop shaped and at many different heights based on your preference. Like with tub and shower installation, its best to ask for help from a professional on this home maintenance task.

Even though these home maintenance tasks are not an overhaul remodel, they can still make a solid difference in the look and feel of your home. Check your local hardware store to get some ideas and don’t forget to call Handyman Connection of Florida to get your free estimate.

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