Installing new efficiency windows and doors can dramatically improve your home. Investing in Energy Star doors and windows will give you a tax credit. Additionally, you will see a savings on your monthly bill because you will have fewer leaks. You can replace windows and doors without removing any siding or drywall if you use a double-hung replacement. By using a craftsman, they’ll be able to easily evaluate your windows and doors and choose the best high efficiency replacements for you.

To replace a window, first the craftsman must determine the correct size for the double-hung replacement. Then the craftsman will remove the stop around the sash. The sash around the window can now be removed.  If there are any weights, ropes or springs, they must be removed. You can request that the craftsman fill any weight pockets with insulation.

Next, the craftsman will make sure that the double-hung replacement window unit comes without any exterior trim. The craftsman will insert the window unit and attach the unit to the jambs that are already in place. The new unit should come with trim pieces to cover any gaps.

If the sash needs to be replaced, there are sash replacement kits available. Much like the complete double-hung replacement insert, replacement sashes fit inside the existing window’s jambs. Metal brackets must be fastened evenly down the window frame to snap the vinyl jamb liners into position. The craftsman can then tilt the sashes into position. The sashes are balanced inside the jamb liners by springs. After this is complete, you will have a new high efficiency window!

If you need a door replaced, your craftsman can order and install the pre-hung door for you. A pre-hung door is an entire unit including jambs and door. It needs to be installed all at the same time. To begin, the craftsman must take the door off its hinges. Then the door casing must be removed from both sides of the doorway. A mini-hacksaw should be used to cut through the nails that hold the jambs together. The threshold plate must be cut loose and removed as well. Once all the jambs have been removed, the craftsman will be ready to install the new high efficiency pre-hung door.

The craftsman will next place the pre-hung door into the doorway opening. Shims must be used on to squeeze the door unit into the opening. It is best to then use a level to check that the hinge-side jamb is level or slightly higher than the strike-side jamb. Use shims to move the jambs into the correct position.

Next, the door should be opened and the hinge-side jamb must be shimmed until it is exactly straight. It is important to shim behind the hinges and use a long level to make sure the door is correct. The craftsman will use a pair of opposing shims to create a flat surface and then nail through the jamb, through the shims and into the framing.

The door must then be closed and the craftsman must shim under the strike-side jamb to make the gap between the door and the head jamb level. The strike-side jamb must be straightened like the hinge-side jamb. Once the gap between the door and the strike-side jamb are even, the craftsman will nail through the jamb and shims and into the framing. The last piece to shim is the head jamb. Finally, to make sure the door is firmly anchored, request that one hinge screw in each hinge be replaced with a screw that is long enough to reach the trimmer stud.

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