Are you considering adding molding or trim for your next home improvement project? This touch can dramatically impact the style and overall feel of a room. If your room feels plain and dull, adding molding and trim might be the perfect way to help re-create a vibrant new space. Molding can instantly update your look and create a classy, sometimes regal feel.

There are many styles you can choose ranging from traditional to contemporary. Hard wood is the most popular medium. Styles include crown molding, casing, window and door trim, baseboard trim, chair rail trim, picture rail and bar rail. Consult a home handyman for advice and installation help.

Molding and trim are solutions for drywall maintenance and repair because they cover and strengthen wall imperfections. Wood moldings are not just useful for decoration but protect the wall long-term from damage, drafts, and wood expansion and contraction problems.

It’s important to understand the process leading up to installing your molding or trim. You’ll need to estimate the quantity and size the wood pieces come in. Make sure to have correct measurements of your room’s perimeter and don’t forget closets and bathrooms. Continuity is key with trim and molding.

If you’re going with wood molding, you’ll need to decide what type of wood species you want. The most stable and water resistant choices include Oak, Mahogany and Cedar. Remember that you can always stain these woods to look like a more expensive species if you so desire. A remodeling contractor can help you choose a good quality stain that will last.

Painting your molding or trim to contrast with the wall color can really make a room pop. Go for a lighter trim and lighter ceilings to open up the room and then choose a bold color for the walls. The contrast will leave your room looking fresh and contemporary or vibrant and classic depending on the style.

If you want little to no blemishes on your molding or trim, a plastic polymer is a good option. It is a bit more expensive than wood but it is lighter and easier to install and it does not expand and contract like wood does. This medium is ideal for exterior trim.

Installing molding and trim is a very calculated process that requires a lot of pre-planning and skill. Don’t rely on the DIY guides online; hire a professional handyman to save yourself the time and headache. A handyman can help you pick out your molding or trim and give you professional advice throughout the whole process to ensure your room will look picture perfect!

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