Drywall may seem indestructible, but it can eventually suffer wear and tear. When you have holes in the drywall it can look unseemly. It may appear difficult to fix, but a craftsman can easily repair and remodel the drywall for you in no time.

The first thing that the craftsman will do is measure the size of the damage. The craftsman will then inspect the damage to ascertain the best type of drywall repair patch for your wall or ceiling. A ceiling requires a thicker patch for remodel work than a typical wall. Once the type of patch and the size are known, the craftsman will remove any loose debris around the edges of the hole. Then the craftsman will slide the repair patch into the wall. Once it is in place, the craftsman will fill the hole with compound slowly, making sure to apply it evenly to keep the wall smooth.

After the patch has set for 24 hours, the craftsman will remove the equipment used to hold it in place. Then the craftsman will finish the remodel by filling the drywall hole with more patching compound. The craftsman will again level the patch with the wall surface. After it is dry again, the area will need to be lightly sanded.

Once the drywall patch has been lightly sanded, it is ready to be primed and painted. After the primer dries the paint can be applied. The craftsman will make sure that your wall is level and the patch is indistinguishable from the rest of the wall.

The process is nearly the same for a large drywall hole. The key difference is that the craftsman will need to use a wallboard joint compound to cement the large drywall piece into the hole. It is critical that the craftsman hold the patch in place until the compound has started to set or the wall will not be level. Again, the compound must be left to dry overnight.  Once the compound is dry, the craftsman will follow the rest of the steps to finish the drywall remodel.

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